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jQuery ajax filtering posts with checkboxes

I think most us are are familiar with the filtering post based on categories using ajax. But, if you still want to check out the way I write code to filter the posts continue reading this article 😛 .

Let’s say, I have lists of categories in checkbox and I want to filter posts based on the selected categories. I have three conditions for categories filter :

  1.  I want to check “All” checkbox by default and display all the posts accordingly.
  2.  If I check/select the filter other than “All”, the “All” checkbox should be unchecked & the posts of checked categories should be displayed
  3. If I check “All” categories, other selected categories should be unchecked

I begin…

Firstly, list all active categories associated with the posts

Add jQuery that tricks the checkbox as per requirement…

In the above js code,
1. All the checkbox are selected using querySelectorAll

2. var count = document.querySelectorAll(‘.js-filter-checkbox:checked’).length, gives the number of checked categories.

3. If the checkbox is checked and among the checked categories there is no “All”, “ALL’ is unchecked

if(inputElement.checked && inputElement.value != ‘all’){
document.querySelector(‘.js-filter-checkbox[value=”all”]’).checked = false;

4. If one of the checked category is “All”,  all the other checked categories are unchecked

if(inputElement.checked && inputElement.value == ‘all’){
item.checked = false;

5. If non of the categories is checked, “All’ category is checked
if(count == 0) document.querySelector(‘.js-filter-checkbox[value=”all”]’).checked = true;

On page load “All” categories is checked so that all the posts are displayed by default

Ajax code is added to filter the posts based on checked categories

Hook that handles our ajax request is added on function.php  :

Finally, posts are filtered based on the selected categories.

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