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Issue : Outlook Overriding Font from Arial to Times New Roman

If your are receiving the email on Outlook in Times New Roman, add the following code inside the head tag.

If you are facing the similar issue in CF7 (contact form 7),  just attach the script in the body using CF7 filter.

P.S. This resolved my issue ūüôā .

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Filter and Hooks

Filter to set blank value instead of default “—” in the drop down list of contact form 7

  1. Replace all ‘---'¬†in all forms with the same text:

For replacing all ¬†‘—‘ ¬†blank value of ¬† select , add the ¬†below filter in function.php

We can replace the  $text variable with any text.

2.  Replace the select element blank value with  unique text.

For replacing the select elements blank with unique text add the following filter in function.php


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