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Translating the month name

For translating the date in a website, we can have different solutions. But here,  I am particularly discussing about find and replace method for date translation.

Lets say we have date in format F j, Y i.e May 7, 2019 where,  Month is in English Language but what if you want to display month in Spanish or any other languages i.e. maio 7, 2019 ?

Just take care of the following steps and you can achieve the translation for Month :

1. Create an array of Months where key is the default month and value is the translation for month.

$monthNames = [
                'january' => 'enero',
                'february' => 'febrero',
                'march' => 'marzo' ,
                'april'=> 'abril' ,
                'may'=> 'mayo' ,
                'june'=> 'junio',
                'july'=> 'julio',
                'august' => 'agosto',
                'september'=> 'septiembre' ,
                'october' => 'octubure',
                'november'=> 'noviembre',

2. Create function which replaces the default month with the translated month and returns the translated date string

   function replaceWithForeignhDate($dateString, $monthNames){
            /* Converts date to lower case */
            $dateString = strtolower($dateString);
          foreach ($monthNames as $englishMonthName=>$foreignMonthName){
                /* English Month is found in the $string */
                if(strpos($dateString, $englishMonthName)!== false){
                   /* replace the english month with the spanish month */
                    return str_replace($englishMonthName,$foreignMonthName, $dateString);

            return $dateString;

3. Call the created funtion in step 2 and achieve the translation

$dateFromStr = replaceWithForeignhDate('May 7, 2019', $monthNames);
echo $dateFromStr ; // mayo 7, 2019


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