Set your own cache clean url

Do you want to give subscriber privilege  to delete the cache created by supercache plugin or any other plugins ? if you say “Yes” , follow this article .


    1. Create your template file.
    2.  Create a function that recursively delete the files and folders ,  in your functions.php file
    3.  Provide your cache folder directory in the template file you created. My cache folder is inside the wp-content folder. Call the function in the same template file.
    4. Create a new page in your dashboard and and load the template file,  just created.
    5. Access the page url,  cache of the site site is cleard with the ‘Cache has been cleaned’ message . i.e.
    6. Check your cache folder, you don’t see any files. All the files are removed from the cache folder

This  is very useful, when user other than admin wants  privilege  to delete the cache of the website.

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