Using Implode to convert Array to String

The PHP builtin function implode(), is used to join the elements of an array with a separator string.

The syntax of implode:

separator: It is an optional parameter and its default value is an empty string.
array: It is an array of strings to implode

Examples of implode are:

  1. An Array to string 


2. An Associative array to string

It is complex to join the key and value of an associative array using only implode function. Combining array_walk() and implode() functions of the PHP will make the job easier.

The array_walk() function walks through each element of an array in a user-defined callback function regardless of pointer position.

array: The input array.
callback: Typically, a callback takes on two parameters. The array parameter’s value is the first, and the key/index second.
arg: arg is an optional parameter. If the callback function requires more than 2 parameters, the arg parameter is supplied. It is passed as the third parameter to the callback.


3. Multidimensional array to string




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